Substance Abuse Program

Outpatient Specialty Suboxone Program

Our Specialty Suboxone Program offers cutting edge treatment without the cost of an expensive inpatient program. Clients addicted to opiates such as heroin or pain medication can begin Suboxone therapy in the comfort of our office. Most clients report little to no withdrawal symptoms once beginning this medication. It is without pesky withdrawal symptoms that clients are able to fully participate in our relapse prevention therapy.

Outpatient Specialty Alcohol Addiction Program

Abuse of alcohol often leads to an addiction which destroys individual and family lives. It is only through intervention and effective treatment that an individual’s health and life can be restored. Alternative Behavioral Care specializes in alcohol addiction and offers special treatments to those addicted to alcohol. There are many medications clients may choose to utilize in order to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. We will walk the client through these options and help them choose what is best for their recovery and sobriety. Many clients find these medication options to be helpful and non-addictive.

Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Program

At Alternative Behavioral Care we understand that addiction and mental health concerns often co-exist. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that alcohol and drug use can cause psychiatric symptoms, and psychiatric disorders can mimic addictive disorders. More than 70% of addicts suffer from co-occurring disorders. We are prepared and trained to help you through both your addiction and affiliated or resulting mental health concerns with a wide range of professional degrees and experience on staff.


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