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Women and Substance Use

Women’s bodies are different from men in significant ways. Their hormones and reproductive cycle changes can influence their vulnerability to emotional disturbances and affect their life decisions. Recent studies indicate that rates of non-medical prescription drug use are higher among women than men, and that women are closing the gap when it comes to alcohol use. Important gender-specific patterns affect women’s substance use treatment and treatment outcomes. We understand the biological mechanisms that underlie women’s susceptibility to substance use and abuse.

We treat women throughout the life stages including pregnancy and post-partum. Our female psychiatrist will assist the pregnant mother assuring the best outcome for mother and baby after birth. We offer an optional all-female IOP treatment team that consists of psychiatrists and group and individual counselors with focused experience in women’s health. In a supportive environment, we help women gain back their confidence, happiness, and balance in life.

But the first step is to schedule a free clinical phone consultation with us. We will gather some information about your specific needs and concerns, and determine the appropriate level of care and group for your situation. Intake calls usually only take a few minutes and can be scheduled online by clicking the link below.

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