Teen Aftercare Support Group

Continued Support Makes All the Difference…

This 90-minute weekly group is specifically designed for teens who have completed the IOP group to help them continue to connect with their peers, build skills such as resiliency, communication, boundaries, decision making, and coping; gain insight into thoughts, behaviors, relationships and feelings; and increase confidence, self-esteem and self-care. This is accomplished through using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a treatment model that, when actively used and practiced, is effective in helping regulate challenging and potentially self-destructive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that negatively impacts life. DBT encourages practice of self-acceptance, while at the same time embracing the necessity for change, which creates a more flexible and effective approach to life. DBT combines cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness skills.

Free assessment with a
licensed clinician.

Complete outpatient program. You can continue with normal life.

Initial visit with a psychiatrist
within 72 hours.

Day and evening options
for your convenience.


Ready to Make a Change?

Our team provides you with the needed knowledge, tools, guidance, and support you need to feel more centered. We will contact you right away.