Reach Your Maximum Potential…


Behavioral Health has historically been a piecemeal system. Clients often go to one office for a counselor, another for a psychiatrist, and yet another to receive case management services. Naturally, the resulting lack of communication between the providers does not benefit the patient. At Alternative Behavioral Care we aim to treat the whole client in one setting. We are not a large bureaucratic hospital. You are not a number to us. You can call our office and speak directly to your psychiatrist or therapist! We know how important it is that clients receive prompt personal attention.

We also know that it is crucial that clients receive unconditional, warm, positive regard. We have gone to great lengths to eliminate the white coat syndrome. From the discrete welcoming building to our cozy therapeutic rooms — we want our clients to see and hear that healthy, happy living is good and within reach.

Clients participate in a personalized program that includes:

• Individual Therapy
• Group Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Case Management
• Medication Evaluations
• Meditation

It is through these personalized programs that we aim to create lifelong wellness for our clients. We have successfully helped many people reach their greatest potential in life.

Give us a call at (636) 477-6111, complete our Contact Form to learn more about this program, or book a free and confidential assessment for this program. We can help you now.