We are women! We are the center and the anchor of the family. Our bodies are different from men in significant ways. Women’s hormones and reproductive cycle changes can influence their vulnerability to emotional disturbances, and can affect life decisions. Additionally, mood disorders are twice as prevalent in women compared with men, particularly during the childbearing years. Postpartum depression, difficult child birth or gynecological issues, miscarriage, grief, major transitions, illness, past traumatic experiences, substance/alcohol use, and other physical changes may overwhelm a woman’s ability to cope and may place her at risk for depression, anxiety, or other emotional responses that disrupt daily living.

Lack of specific knowledge regarding women’s bodies and the unique effects of hormonal influences are barriers to receiving proper care. With a dedicated staff of psychiatrists and counselors who have focused experience in women’s mental health and substance abuse, we offer specialized services for women:

  • Psychiatric consultations and ongoing medication management
  • Hormonal testing as needed
  • Medication safety in pregnancy and lactation
  • Group and individualized therapy
  • Peer support group
  • 1:1 access to a female clinician throughout program
  • Knowledge of nutrition in mental health

We can help you gain back your life and your family’s happiness…

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