Community Education and Support

ABC is dedicated to supporting our community by providing high-quality psycho-educational trainings for organizations, schools, churches and companies in our community. Training can be tailored to your time-frame and specific audience of students, counselors, parents, children, adults or employees.

Below are some examples of mental health training topics available. However, we can customize any training programs for your organization’s needs.

  • Anxiety and the Treatments that Work
  • Assertive, Non-assertive & Aggressive Communication
  • Assessing Suicide Risk
  • Careers in Mental Health
  • Cognitive Restructuring of Negative Thoughts
  • Coping Skills – What are They & How to Improve Them
  • Exercise and Mental Health
  • Fear, Disaster & Despair: How to Prepare and Repair Ourselves & Our Community – 3-hour
  • Gender Identity
  • Irrational Beliefs and Self-Defeating Behaviors
  • Mental Health Apps
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition and Positive Well-being
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Psychopharmacology for the Non-Medically Trained
  • Social Media and Relationships
  • Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Dealing with Bullies

Fully licensed treatment team.

Complete outpatient program. 

Psychiatrist visit
within 72 hours.

Day and evening options.


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